12 April 2012

Why Vote Republican? [[ partisan ]]

This is obviously a bit mean-spirited. But it captures a fundamental truth about Republicans and voters. RED (Republican-voting) states are the ones with the greatest problems—high rates of drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, crime, unemployement, poverty—and the most use of government services to fight those problems. Yet the morons in those states keeping voting for people and policies that funnel resources away from government programs and into the pockets of rich people. And it seems like the worse the problems get, the angrier the votes become and the more they hate "the system" that they use need more and more. I don't think people are generally stupid, I really don't. But how else does one explain the apparent complete disconnect between reality as it is perceived and measured by all objective scales, and how non-wealthy Republicans vote? Consistently voting against one's own best interest is not the mark of a rational being.


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