13 April 2012

Go Repubs! [[ partisan ]]

On Twitter, Ann Coulter is ridiculing Michelle Obama for making the statement:

"Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected."



Aretae said...

Because it's not true? Or for some other non-obvious reason.

Buffalo Bill said...

Maybe it's not true for Ann Coulter. Maybe she doesn't work hard. Based on some of the tings she has said, she certainly doesn't think hard.

LC said...

I didn't waste my time actually visiting Ann Coulter's twitter attack on Michelle Obama. (I'm told they keep track of these things and interpret a large number of twitter "views" as a statement of support. Don't want that!) Presumably, if she is criticising the first lady for this statement, SHE must think all women DON'T work hard and all women DON't deserve respect.
Oh wait...she's a Republican and they ALL think like that!