23 March 2015


"LHC" refers to the "Large Hadron Collider," a giant machine in France/Switzerland that physicists use to run high-energy experiments. As you perhaps heard in the mainstream news a couple years ago, the LHC confirmed the existence of a particle called the "Higgs boson." This was a pretty big deal to physicists, in that the Higgs boson had never been seen, but was required to exist by the prevailing model of "how everything works." So finding the Higgs particle allowed physicists to breathe a sigh of relief and say, more or less, "things actually work like we've been thinking they work." Had they not found the Higgs boson, the Universe would have disintegrated.

If that kind of stuff interests you, click here for a very good article on the LHC and what's happening with it now. And by "very good article" I mean one that explains what's going on in enough depth and detail to provide a good understanding, but without being overwhelming with physics-talk.  I liked it, anyway...

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