22 March 2015

Dear Readers

Notes to blog readers:

1. If you recently signed up for blog notifications via email, thanks.

2. It's really great to get feedback, both about individual topics and about blog itself. At the bottom of every post is a Comments section that says either "Comments" or "No Comments." If you click on that link, you can make a comment anonymously or by signing in with a Google account. I appreciate that you read the entry, and would like to hear anything you have to say in response—as other readers of the blog likely would also.

3. If you read the blog entry via email, DO NOT "reply" to the email message. If you do, that message just disappears into the great Google void in the sky and I never see it. You can reply, of course, but make sure that you send the message TO ME and not to the blog.

4. Again, if you're reading from email, you can click on the link and then go to the blog, where you can both read and post comments.

If you have any questions about any of this stuff, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.

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