12 March 2013

Hannibal Lector...

...Osama bin Laden, Adolf Eichmann, Jack the Ripper—I guess they're just B-grade criminals compared to the Greatest Threat of All Time, PFC Bradley Manning:

Excerpted from a blog posting by Glenn Greenwald:

The court-martial proceeding of Bradley Manning has been shrouded in extreme secrecy, often exceeding even that which prevails at Guantanamo military commissions. One particularly oppressive rule governing the Manning trial has barred not only all video or audio recordings of the proceedings, but also any photographs being taken of Manning or even transcripts made of what is said in court.

The government's desire to allow the public to know only what the government says it needs to know is apparently the single biggest consideration in the entire matter. This is in full accord with the record of the Obama Adminstration and its Justice Department in handling whistle-blowers, leakers, and others who dare to challenge Presidential power: the true criminals are not those who commit the crimes, but rather those who reveal them.



Anonymous said...

If this doesn't make the U.S. comparable to the Third Reich in many respects, I don't know what would.

Ty Griffin said...

Yes, the parallel didn't escape me. It's why I threw in that reference to Eichmann.