16 February 2013

Speaking of Asteroids...

I hardly ever DEMAND that my faithful readers do anything in particular, but I'm breaking with precedent and INSISTING that you visit the site described below. Magnificent.

It may be a little technical, but it's worth a try. There's a big payoff. And if you are sitting in front of your computer trying to make it work and want to give me a call, I'll help.


I had some trouble making this web page "work." It appears to NOT work in Safari or Internet Explorer browsers, meaning you must use Firefox or Chrome. But it's really worth some effort.

1. Go to this page http://asterank.com/  and read a little

2. Click "GO"

3. The page you get should have a "view in 3d" button on right of screen. Click it.

4. This is where it will either work, or you'll get a message saying it can't.

5. If the latter, and you've tried to make it work with other browsers, then

6. go here: http://asterank.com/3d/notsupported.html

to see movie of what you should have see above.

(( It's worth all this trouble ))

(( If you do get the main 3d viewing page, don't just watch. There are controls at bottom right, and at left. ))

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