14 May 2012

Fractal #2 OTD

I lied.

Yes, of course, that last fractal was spectacular. But of course so is this one. As are most of them.

Since you didn't ask, here's the story of how those fractals pop into existence and become available for your viewing.

I have a screen-saver program called Seractal* which generates these cool pictures and saves them to disk. When I have time, I go through the accumulated pictures, hitting keys to  "delete...delete...delete...keep this one...delete...delete..." So I save all the great ones, maybe one tenth or one twentieth of the total. I let them accumulate into a big pile of 200 or so, and then I transfer them to an on-line storage album where you can view them.

I started this project several years ago, and intended to just post a few images. But I've stuck with it, got a little carried away, and now have quite a few (!) pictures. I've posted them all to two free Google storage areas, which you can see here and here. The numbers in the album names refer to the size of the image in horizontal pixels. You can use the Google Picasa sites to view the pictures in a variety of forms ("full screen" and "slide show" are best—look for those buttons at top left when viewing a picture), and also to download full-size versions of any that you want to save. Inside a given album, the pictures do not change, so you will see the same images if you return to the site/page at some point in the future.


* Seractal is the name of the fractal-generating screen saver program, written by Australian artist  Peter Orum. I've been in touch with Peter and encourage you to support his work by buying the screen saver, paintings or other. See Peter's web site here.

Clicking on the image below should make it bigger.


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