14 May 2012

Consumer Reports

The other day a friend asked me to do a look-up of some comparative product data on Consumer Reports, and I was reminded of my "Consumer Reports Policy" which I hereby share with you.

I am a life-long supporter of and contributor to Consumer Reports (the magazine) and Consumers Union (the organization). I think it was the among the first magazine that my then-new wife and I subscribed to back in the early seventies. We've had a few lapses in subscription, but have basically maintained it for about 40 years.

HOWEVER, I think the cost of their service—good and guaranteed-to-be-objective information on all consumer products—is a bit pricey. I don't want the physical magazine, and use their on-line look-up service only rarely. Still, I have to pay full pop. Which I've done. I think I renew every five years, or maybe I'm a lifetime member. The point is that I'm happy to support them, but think I'm paying a bit much for what I'm actually getting.

So how I make things balance out is by sharing access with my friends. Which is you.

So if and when you ever need one-shot or modest-usage access to the excellent Consumer Reports online database, which covers pretty much everything under the sun, let me know and I'll send the requisite logon info.

You're welcome.

Just another one of the many benefits of reading this blog...

(There are benefits?!! Whoa!!!)


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