11 April 2012

Say It Ain't So!! [[ Partisan ]]

Ooops. It seems I jumped the gun on this one. I'll confess to finding it very easy to believe the worst about Newt Gingrich; I have been believing the worst about him since 1992 or so, and haven't been disappointed or wrong yet. But this time, my rush to judgment was premature. Newt gave an explanation for the check incident described below, and it does sound credible.


I'm astonished—astonished!—to hear the stories starting to come out about all the money that Newt Gingrich owes to people, and all the checks he and his campaign have bounced (like to the Utah Secretary of State). Who could possibly have imagined that such an honorable, upstanding guy, with such strong family values and such clearly demonstrated personal integrity and a great sense of right and wrong, could possibly write bad checks? It's just unbelievable that he would write bad checks--actually, probably more liberal lies about the great man.

On the other hand, Comedian Andy Borowitz says:

Newt wrote a check with no money in his account, the first sign that he might be qualified to be President.


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