16 January 2012

Big Ideas

Here's an interesting (and short article) on humanity's "big" ideas. There are also some interesting and worthwhile comments, such as these:


Comment author = "van helsing"

Dark matter and dark energy, together, make up 96% of the universe. The rest is baryonic matter, our visible universe, consisting of stars, planets, dust... and us.

My theory is that baryonic matter is ultimately composed of bits of dark matter and dark energy. Bound together during the Big Bang, these sub-atomic super particles can only be separated in a black hole. The dark matter is then reabsorbed by its galactic home (gravity holds the galaxy together), while dark energy is released into space, pushing the galaxies farther apart as it expands between them.

Dark matter contains the contracting Yin force--gravity; dark energy contains the expanding Yang force--anti-gravity.


Comment author = Optimist-2618173

I'd vote for the idea that matter can be created out of nothingness, such as during the Big Bang and when you keep puking long after you thought your stomach was emptied.


And my comment: Isn't it also interesting—in a sad, disgusting, sickening, hopeless sort of way—that the "scientists, digerati and humanities scholars" choice for the most "deep / elegant / beautiful" of scientific theories is disbelieved by 40% of Americans?


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