07 July 2007

Not Impressed

In San Luis Obispo, we have a weekly newspaper called "New Times" which is kind of a hodge-podge of local stories: some news, some investigative reports, a large entertainment section, lots of "local color" and opinion pieces, a calendar of local events, etc. Years ago the paper started a "55 Fiction" contest, in which people were invited to submit short stories of 55 words or less. The idea caught on and is now a huge success, with entries coming from all over the world. Stories here.

Each year there are a few great entries. Although the following did not win any special mention, I thought it the best I've seen in a while. This was submitted by Ms. Anne E. Campisi of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is reproduced here without permission but with great respect and admiration.

Subtlety, Subtlety
My editor advised, "You don't have to marry your mother and poke out your eyes in order to feel the pain."

But I did.

Now, a blind, incestuous, patricidal bigamist, I think I understand what he meant. But I'll tell you this much, children:

Lesser stories don't impress me anymore; keep your dramas to yourselves!

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