05 November 2016


When Kasandra and I went to Alaska in 1996, we camped for several days at Wonder Lake, which is as close to Mt McKinley as it's possible to get on a road. Predictably, the great mountain was covered in clouds and we couldn't see it.

Then one afternoon the clouds broke up, and we searched the eastern (?) skyline for the big one. We could see the mountains fairly well, though the sky above them was mostly obscured by clouds.

We kept searching for McKinley, but couldn't pick it from the surrounding mountains. "It's gotta be there somewhere," we thought and said about ten times.

Then Kasandra said, "Look up. No, higher."


The other day she sent me a picture from a web site and photographer she follows, with the comment that "This best captures that feeling we had when seeing Mt McKinley."

Yes it does.


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