12 January 2016

Another Great Photo

As you may know, a modern "photograph" is not at all the same thing as a historical photograph. EVERY ASPECT of a modern photo can be changed, enhanced, added, deleted, flipped, distorted, re-touched, etc., by photo-manipulation software. There is no longer much of a relationship between what the photographer saw through the camera when she took the picture, on the one hand, and the finished result that gets published as a "photograph" on the other.

Of course, that has always been true to some extent. Professional photographers have always used darkroom / developing techniques to get the results they wanted. But the tools available to modern photographers are so powerful and so comprehensive that the relationship between photo-as-taken and photo-as-printed seems to have been essentially broken.

Here is a great picture, which I like very much. But I do so knowing that the scene it is representing may, in fact, have never occurred.

Click on the picture to go to the photographer's site, then click on that picture to go to full screen / black background for best viewing. When done, click on photographer's name for more of his pictures.


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