07 November 2015

Tech Tips - Phones

Here are a couple things to be aware of when dealing with the overlap between cell phones and land lines.

1. If you have a land line, the number of that land line belongs to you—i.e., it is transferable. If and when you want to convert that number from land line to cell phone, you can do it without hassle (hopefully) or charge (definitely). Just tell your cell phone company that you want to do so, and they'll arrange the transfer.

2. Some cordless land-line phones include Bluetooth. This means that your cell phone and home phone can talk to each other. I have such a cordless phone bought from Radio Shack a couple years ago for $45. When somebody calls me on my cell phone, it rings my cell phone AND my ex-land-line phones. This means that while at home, I (a) don't have to carry my cell phone around with me, (b) I get the benefit of the loud ringing, and (c) I can pick up any of the home phones and talk.


These two capabilities allowed me to simplify and cheapify:
  • I pay less per month in phone charges than previously
  • I don't feel like I'm buying duplicate services
  • I deal with one phone company instead of two
  • I answer my cell phone when I'm traveling and my home phone when I'm not
  • I can hear my loud home phone ringer with no problem
  • All the people who might want to call me don't have to be concerned about calling my cell or my home

I'm not sure why I thought you needed to know this, and didn't already know it, but there you go.

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