27 October 2015

White Mountains

In early October, my mom and I took the long route from Santa Rosa to Phoenix, and had a very good time driving and exploring across parts of California, Nevada, Utah (especially!) and Arizona. A highlight of the trip was the White Mountains of California, a range that runs parallel to the Sierra Nevada and to the east of the Owens Valley. The White Mountains are home to (a) the world's oldest living tree, the bristlecone pine, and (b) spectacular views of the Sierras. Here's a picture of one of the trees I saw on the Discovery Trail, followed by the view from the road looking west.


On the short trail through the Bristlecone forest, I ran into some serious photographers plying their craft with one of the most picturesque trees. I got a name which led to a web site these pictures:

Dan Swiger Photography 1

Dan Swiger Photography 2


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