13 July 2015

Take A Hike

I'm on a driving trip to Colorado to see some friends, stopped off at my favorite place in the world--Zion National Park--for a little walk.

Following in an explanation of the pictures that you'll find here:


Three sets:

1. Driving through the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona on Sunday. Not great photos, but they give a sense of what a spectacular gorge it is. Usually I'm going 60 or  70 mph, so was happy for the road construction and 10 mph.

2. The approach to Zion. Again, not great photos, but they give a sense of the fantastic rocks and mountains that one drives through on the way to the Big Show.

3. The Angel's Landing Trail, which starts at the Virgin River and climbs to the stop of a giant rock/mountain. The light was very intense and it was hard to strike a balance between the deep shadows and the bright light of the sky and the giant rock faces. No photography awards in this batch, but you get a sense of the walk. It was only 2.5 miles one way, but there was a lot of vertical packed into those miles, especially the last half mile. The trail is so steep and dangerous that there are chains along most of the way in the final approach--and they're definitely needed. Lots of people quit at Scout's Landing, a large flat area 1/2 mile short of the summit--which gives a very clear view of what's coming. Many more people gave it a shot, but turned around after realizing what they had gotten themselves into. The view from the top defies description--and, unfortunately, I was conserving camera-phone power at that point.

It was a fabulous walk, one of the best ever. Not for the faint of heart.

After looking at my pictures, I recommend an internet search for "Angel's Landing" where you'll find a description and many more great photos.

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