01 June 2015

Valley of Fire

If you are driving from Las Vegas, Nevada, to St. George, Utah, which you would certainly want to be doing because it's how you get to Zion National Park, then out in the middle of the desert you would encounter a sign telling you of the "Valley of Fire."  And if you were inspired to take the uninviting turn-off from the freeway, and go a few miles into what I believe is a Native American reservation as well as being a Nevada state park, you would encounter a landscape like this.

Among other things.

If you are ever on that drive, and the temperature outside the car is less than 110ยบ, it's definitely worth a side-trip of an hour or two to go see the fabulous mountains and old Indian stuff in the Valley of Fire. You can continue through the park to Lake Mead's North Shore Drive, and turn north to continue towards Zion or south toward Vegas. More great mountains on this road.

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