30 June 2015

Tech Tips

Here are two important things that all children of the digital age should know. (And like it or not, you're probably one such child.)


1.  Google Flights. Look up "Google Flights," go to the page, and enter the airport nearest you. Optionally enter your travel dates.

a. To find the lowest fare to anywhere in the world, enter the destination.

b. To find the lowest fare to EVERYWHERE in the world (!!!), do not enter a destination (just an origin) and click on "expand map." Then us the +/- keys at lower left to zoom in/out, and click-and-hold to drag the map to the part of world in which you are interested.

What a wonderful thing!


2. Photos in the Cloud. Do you take pictures with your phone?

Apple, Google, Microsoft (OneDrive) and probably others all offer (a) "automatic upload to cloud" services, and (b) in most cases, free storage of your photos. Apple's service is called "iCloud" and "iPhotos," and I'd recommend that for Apple phones. I've tried all three of the services named here on my iPhone 5, and Apple's seems to work the easiest and most reliably. All  the services have software that runs on PCs and Macs so that you can access your cloud photos as if they were on your local computer.

So if you take pictures with your phone, they can be (a) automatically uploaded to the cloud without you having to do anything, and (b) thereby become completely accessible from your PC and other cloud-connected devices.

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