14 April 2015

Tough Decision

(This post is political, but it's clearly not partisan.)


Paraphrasing the civil rights / human rights reporter Glenn Greenwald:

A serious debate is going on inside the State Department and White House these days.

Should our response to people in the Middle East who we think might be terrorists, or have some sort of connection to organizations or suspected terrorists or other people we won't like, be to:

  1. Continue Obama's policy of using drones to kill them, their families, the associates and other bystanders without any sort of trial or legal framework/recourse.


  2. Re-initiate Bush's policy of kidnapping them from their homes and indefinitely imprisoning them in Guantanamo without any sort of trial or legal framework/recourse.

1 comment:

Pat Harris said...

Interesting question! Nether sound like the right thing to do but I guess I'd choose prison over mass killing. I don't agree with death sentence carried out by any state/government. But in this world ... who knows? Again the elephant in the room is too many people. We never value anything of which we have too much. Pat