03 March 2015

Several Things

First, a great photograph. "Ablaze" by Felix Inden. He says: "A beautiful moment captured at Skagsanden beach on Flakstadoy (Lofoten archipelago) in Norway. The aurora borealis was reflecting in the receding tide during a moonless and very dark night."

Second, here is an NPR story about about the wonders wrought on an abused and damaged piece of Texas hill country by a guy who decided he was going to improve it.

And third, here are a couple interesting videos:

A 22-minute TED talk by the scientist Allan Savory on the subject on desertification (land turning into desert) and Mr. Savory's attempts to halt/change/slowdown/reverse the process.

A 4.5 minute piece called "How Wolves Change Rivers" that is so full of hope and promise and nature at her finest that it might make you cry. It's okay if it does. The over-the-top narrator (i.e., enthusiasm and incredibleness drip from every word) is a little hard to take, but (a) it's worth it, and (b) you may well feel like he does by the end.

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