03 February 2015

This Hurts


This really hurts.

Although there are plenty of idiots, demagogues, chest-thumpers, extremists and airheads to choose from in field of Republican party leadership and likely presidential nominees, I would say that Bobby Jindal is right near the bottom of the pack. I don't know that I am aware of a single "redeeming factor" is his portfolio of horrible Republican ideas and plans.

So it is with significant reservations and pain that I have give him credit for doing a good thing.

He's standing up to the all the anti-vaccination morons and stating, quite plainly and directly and without any attempt at mealy-mouthism, that children should be vaccinated.


This doesn't mean I love the guy now, and he probably still denies climate change and evolution. But on this one issue he is being sensible and honest--as well as directly contradicting the other crazies in his party (notably Rand Paul and Chris Christie) who are questioning the benefits of vaccination.

Jindal deserve respect (yuk!) for that.



Posted to Governor Jindal's web site input/comment form:

Dear Governor--

I'm a good California liberal, and therefore dislike pretty much everything you stand for, advocate and have done.

Nonetheless, I have to applaud you for your recent statements regarding vaccination. Unlike Governor Christie and Senator Paul, who are willing to take major risks with public health in order to pander to their anti-science, backward-looking constituency (i.e., YOUR constituency), you've made a clear, strong, unambiguous statement supporting vaccinations and thereby supporting children, society and public health. Congratulations for taking a principled and brave stand on the issue. I'm sure you lost many Republican admirers and votes because of it, as most of your anti-science party seems to think that personal beliefs are more valid than facts. But at least on this one issue, I admire you for speaking out on behalf of reality, common sense, public welfare, fact-based decision making and other such principles that are hard to find in today's Republican Party.


Ty Griffin

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