13 January 2015

Keyboard Story

In helping Nancy (ex-wife) move to a a new computer, I got her a wireless mouse and keyboard. I therefore kind of inherited her wired mouse and keyboard.  A couple weeks later I needed an extra keyboard to set up a computer for another friend, so I hooked up the old clunky wired keyboard that Nancy has been using for the past ten or twelve years.

And was thrilled to be reminded about the great touch and feel and heft of those old keyboards. This one is a standard HP keyboard from, I'll guess, 2000 or maybe 2003, and it's built like a brick shithouse. The feel of the keys is fabulous. So at least for the moment, I've set aside my high-tech, latest and greatest, wireless, curved, etc etc etc keyboard, and am back using this old clunker with it's fabulous feel. My apologies to business partner Jack and anybody else I've tried to convince about the wonders of modern keyboards—although they are, in fact, pretty great in many ways. But they feel like cheap imitations and toys next to ol' reliable here.



PS. If you have any of those old keyboards, think twice before getting rid of them. Reverting to (or continuing to use) an old-fashioned wired keyboard may be not such a bad thing after all.

PPS. Anybody want to buy a top-of-the-line Logitech keyboard with wireless "Unifying" receiver, music controls, programmable keys, special keys for calculator and turning off computer, ergonomic wrist-rest, sculpted keys, .....

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