20 July 2014

Are You One of Them?

Here's the interesting observation for the day.

Because I bought a top-of-the-line keyboard from a company called Logitech, and because Logitech is apparently more concerned with making flashy and multi-featured and whiz-bang keyboards than with ones that actually hold up over time, I'm having to replace all the letters as they gradually wear off. Maybe Logitech didn't understand that people who bought their keyboards would actually use them for typing, and be putting their fingers on the keys dozens or hundreds or perhaps even thousands of times? You would think that a keyboard manufacturer would have figured out this fact, but you'd be wrong.

Anyway, I'm having to buy replacement key decals. So I go to Amazon, look up key decals, and get the usual way-too-many options.

Happily and unexpectedly, I see there are colorful options. So I don't have to go with simple white-on-black or vice versa. There are blue ones, flowery ones, orcs, shades of blue, etc.

Great, I think, I'll get some of the pretty ones. So I start narrowing my search. After poking around a while, I notice the following, which is the observation referred to above:

All the interesting and colorful key decal sets are for Macintosh keyboards, and for IBM-style PCs there are only the dull white-on-black decal sets!

How interesting. Given that there are 100 or perhaps 1000 times as many IBM PCs as Macs in the world, you'd think that there would be a little more demand for something that the Mac community apparently finds worthwhile.

But no, that's not the case.

So one is forced to the sad conclusion that anybody who uses an IBM-style PC rather than a Mac is boring, plain, un-fun, un-interesting, has no sense of style and is cheap--not willing to spend even pennies to buy products that are creative, innovative, artistic or nicely designed.

I think about myself and all my PC-using friends and conclude yes, it's true.....

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Anonymous said...

Alternately, you could conclude that PCs are utilitarian, whereas Macs are more expensive fun and flash...