09 August 2013

What's Going On?!!

Hi there, devoted blog reader.

And the other kinds of blog readers, too.

I am currently doing some "housekeeping" with this blog.

So you may be getting lots of notifications of new postings. They are NOT new postings, but just the result of moving things around a bit.


As you know, I have some fairly strongly held political opinions, and have been known to express those opinions in a rather partisan manner--i.e., ranting and raving about what idiots constitute the right end of our political spectrum. And I offer no apologies for what I consider a fairly accurate assessment of the situation.

HOWEVER, it is the fact that I also post to this blog non-political, non-partisan items like bears fishing in streams and seat-belt commercials and dogs drinking soda water. And I would like to have ALL of my friends and family and people I know see those things. But a fair number of those folks don't read "Tylights" because it is too partisan. And if I were in their shoes, I wouldn't read it either.

So, I've decided to reorganize the blog.

Going forward in time, "Tylights" will no longer include partisan comments. There will be still be political comments, but they won't be partisan. And of course it's okay to include comments that are critical of Democrats, liberals, the left, etc., because right-wingers love that shit.

I've moving all of the partisan comments to another blog I started years ago, and then abandoned, call "Americrisis."

I'll be talking more about that later.

Mostly this note was just intended to explain why you might be gettings lots of "new blog posting" message.

More later....


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