19 July 2013

The US Position on Moral Clarity and Consistency

I hope you're tracking the news stories about:

1) The traitor Edward Snowden hiding in Russia and avoiding the just laws of the US by subterfuge and duplicity and staying in countries with whom we either no extradition treaty or complicated relations,


2) The CIA guy who was arrested and held in Panama, possibly to be extradited to Italy to face trial for CIA crimes in Italy in 2003. All the CIA people who were tried in absentia of course fled the country with the help and knowledge of the US government and are very careful to never go anywhere in the world where they might face extradition to Italy. The US government protects the spies that did their kidnapping and torture and renditioning at the order of the President of the United States. (As Richard Nixon infamously said some 40 years ago, "If the President does it, it's not illegal.")

Anyway, I wish we could get our principles straight. Should people be tried for their crimes or not?

Oh, I see. Only the people that WE say committed crimes, or perhaps committed crimes against us. The crimes we order our people to commit in other countries, in violation of their laws or ours, are okay.

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