14 January 2013

Toy Drones

Did you know you could get a toy drone for your child or grandchild of three years or older? But of course! It's important to start them young.

If you don't immediately see the value of providing your progeny with such toys, perhaps reading these comments from parents of proud toy-drone owners will help you along. (Really; go read them.)

1 comment:

lc said...

Ah, drones as toys...a sign of the times, I suppose. I remember the good old days when all our kids had to play with was assault weapons. I laugh when I recall that we thought those high-capacity clips were just the cutting edge! But times change and we all know there is terrible evil all around us in the world. So it seems clear that we must change with these times. I, for one, however am not ready to embrace the new technological toys until they are truly updated. We really won't be able to compete with the [other] terrorist countries of the world until our children's toy drones are outfitted with nuclear warheads and biological weaponry. No, there will be no mere remote-controlled, carefully-targeted, localized strikes for my wee Tommy. I mean why limit a developing 5-year old's power and exceptional abilities with limited destruction? I say it's total devastation or nothing. Now THAT's the toy I want for my kid!