28 January 2013


Being as it seems to be movie season, here are some comments/grades on movies I've seen recently.

A = Great
B = Pretty Good
C = Okay
D = Not Worth Going / I wish I Hadn't
F = I feel cheated / want my money back

Argo D
The Sessions A
Life of Pi B
Lincoln B
The Master C
Django Unchained D
Silver Linings Playbook B
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel B+
Moonrise Kingdom B+
Les Miserables D
The Intouchables A
A Late Quartet B

WARNING: You probably should not take any of these opinions very seriously, as I am so clearly out of step with the rest of America, at least according to the Golden Globe awards and the likely Academy Awards. Consider:

  • I saw four of the five films nominated for best film. The GG winner, Argo, was the worst of the lot.
  • I do NOT disagree with Daniel Day Lewis winning for Best Actor.
  • Again, I saw four of the five in the category "Best Comedy or Musical." Les Mis was the worst.
  • Jennifer Lawrence was great in "Silver Linings Playbook," I'm glad she won Best Actress (although, as with Best Actor, I didn't see the others.)
If you have grades you'd like to contribute, I will add them to the grid above.


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