02 October 2012

Fabulous Weather Map

Please take a look at this great "map" of San Luis Obispo weather. If you don't live on the coast of California it's likely to make you jealous, but try to ignore that and look at all the great information presented in creative an interesting ways.

(The image is hosted at a free service called Image Shack. Sorry for all the ads. Click on the image to make it full-sized.)

Note, among the other interesting things, our October temperature spikes. We're in the middle of one right now (Oct 2); today is close to 100º, yesterday was 107. (And San Francisco is currently 97º, which is virtually unheard of!)

PS. This info and map comes from a recently-discovered and really outstanding weather site called "Weatherspark." Click on the link to go to their site (it's free) or ask me to create a year's map for your town.


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