18 July 2012

Nepenthe in Big Sur

Since the mid-nineties, my friend John Dotson and I have been meeting once or twice a month at Nepenthe, a locally-renown restaurant/bar/hangout in Big Sur. Driving there and back in an evening is a bit of an undertaking for both of us, but the company is good—not to mention the maritinis and the views.

We met last night and John got this picture of the hills. We sit outside, sip our drinks, and gaze at the hills exactly as shown. Notice the Phoenix sculpture in bottom left corner.

As is normal for blog images, click on the image itself for a larger version.


1 comment:

dgf said...

There is certainly an usual atmosphere created by the confluence of sun and sky and water around Nepenthe. I miss it. Many years since I have traveled there. Your company with the mythical John, sounds wonderful.