09 June 2012

Message to a Right-Wing Friend

(I wouldn't mind taking credit for this, but it was actually written by a friend. Good job, friend!)

OH MY GOODNESS! GLORY BE... I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT... just now, on my morning run with the dog... You are right, Jay. It IS the rich and powerful who are providing the real leadership in this country. They deserve, indeed, to be MORE rich and more powerful to show us the way, to guide us through our choices. They will provide us with employment (job-creators all), they will drill-Baby-drill to gain us more of our own limitless wealth of oil and fossil fuels. Human-induced climate change is a horrible hoax created by Al Gore and his fat cat buddies to line their own pockets. Mitt Romney is a fine exemplar of American values. Bain Capital simply shows how the REAL GAME is REALLY played. Obama is a empty-suited naive person, at best (and he is, as you say, the worst). The Wall Street folks should be set loose to play their numbers. Life is a crap shoot. The power players are at the table. To make an omelette, one must crack a few eggs. Be gone with organized labor, be gone with the Middle Class--let them strive. It is the corporate powers who rule and prevail and decide where the "jobs" go, who gets opportunities, who lives, dies. Clearly, the richest of the rich are correcting that quaint notion that the "meek" shall inherit the Earth. Not. The true gospel is that the rich have earned every penny they have, and with that wisdom, "they" will decide who gets any inheritance at all. I say, cut the taxes on the rich completely. Imagine all the jobs that would then be created. Well, anyway, I have seen these truths to be self-evident. MITT is the man...


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Buffalo Bill said...

OMG! I hope he/she didn't bite their tongue off.