03 May 2012

Mountain Men

Ain't the internet wonderful?

I'm reading a book to my grandkids, one chapter at a time, about Jim Bridger, Jedediah Smith, the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, and other subjects of the "mountain man" era in the US, approximately 1806 (when Lewis and Clark returned) through 1850. The kids are enjoying the stories about trappers and Indians and exploration of the American West. I'm reading from a book called "Fur Trappers of the Old West," a book I got at age eight or ten, read numerous times as a kid, had my kids read when they got to that age, and am now sharing with the grandkids. It's a great book.

So I thought I'd see if there were some other stories about the fur trappers I could read to the kids, and went online to my local library. Typed "mountain men" into the search engine and looked to see what good stories and/or book would be returned, hopefully some kids books.

First on the list?

Brokeback Mountain.

Hmmmm, I think we'll pass on that one for now.....


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