08 May 2012

Down with People!

Hey North Carolina, congrats for—finally—becoming the last remaining southern state to constitutionally disallow gay marriage. It's so enlightened and forward-thinking! Cuz, you know, it's okay to discriminate against people as long as the majority agrees. 

Hope this works out better for you than the last time the South used the Bible and tradition as the justification for discriminating against an entire class of people.



dgf said...

I hope the people of the great state of NC are reading this blog. It is informative and does give us reasons to think a bit more - a pause so to speak, before one leaps.
But, NC you leapt and you can't put the toothpaste back in the Tube -but, you will need to one day.

Buffalo Bill said...

I have a cousin and a niece in NC. I know that neither them voted for this abomination. So I e-mailed them and asked them WTF. Haven't heard back yet.
Buffalo Bill