15 April 2012

Admin stuff

Three things:

1. If you're getting email alerts about this blog, you can read the particular entry either (a) in the email message itself, or (b) by clicking on the link embedded in the email message, which takes you to the blog. Please use the latter—i.e., click on the link and go to the blog page to read.

2. At the bottom of each blog posting is the word "Comments." If it says anything other than "0 comments," you might enjoy reading them. Click to display. You are also welcome to comment about anything at any time.

3. Since I have no way of knowing who is reading the postings, it would be great if you make a comment once in a while. "Loved it" or "Have you no standards?" or whatever is fine. Note the several options in Comments for identification: anonymous, etc. (And thanks much to those of you who do comment.)




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love that you have no standards. ;-)