15 March 2012

Understanding Conservative Economists

Although I read a fair amount of economic material, Paul Krugman in particular, I don't post many things because there is simply too much material out there. I assume anybody who is interested finds their own.

But one of Krugman's blog postings today is just remarkable—not least because he doesn't say anything. He just stands aside and shows you what the Conservative/Libertarian/Republican economists were saying and whey said it.

Not stated are the dates of the quotes. Mr. Kudlow's comments are from July 2007, and Mr. Skousen's are from March of 2009. It's reasonable to assume that Kudlow and Skousen were accurately stating the fairly unified Conservative/Libertarian/Republican position on the economy at the moment of the quotes, and that their quotes were widely circulated by the press as an accurate representation of that position.

Here is Krugman's post.



dgf said...
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dgf said...

I am always happy to learn more about why the economy works the way it does. The republican message seems so obviously political on its face, so obviously slanted to protect the financial elite. Yet, they are able to sell that line, over and over again. Why do we continue to buy it. Wait! I will ask the Kardashian's (see post below)

(Krugman is a favorite of mine as well.)