10 February 2012


A Facebook friend posted a comment that inspired a discussion on Christians and the political process. Following is the two cents I contributed.

A person who uses his Christianity to advance a political agenda, or his political power to advance a Christian agenda, is more properly called a "Christianist." The "ist" signifies that her primary orientation is political and, like all politicians, she is using every tool at her disposal to gain/use/increase political power. Christianity is just a tool for these people, a means to an end. It is quite distressing that true Christians are so easily duped into becoming a herd of great political power that can be manipulated into furthering the aims NOT of Christianity or Christ but rather the Christianists.

True Christians are respected and admired by all people of all political orientations. It's a shame there are so few of them.



Calvin Dotson said...

Yes, right. Christianism is not "Christianity" and "Christianity" is not actually the religious experience that is centered in Christ.

dgf said...

As with much of marketing, the Christianists, are using one passion to sell another, presumed closely aligned goal. It reeks of immorality, but, gosh, there are no laws against shearing the sheep. One just needs us to be sheep.