18 February 2012


Twitter is definitely a weird environment. But if one-liners from a comedian is what you're looking for, it can be great. Here are some recent posts by a pretty funny guy, Andy Borowitz.

I don't blame Santorum for not believing in evolution. It's really let him down.

Electing Santorum would solve our immigration problem but create an enormous one for Canada.

I'm not sure why Chris Christie thinks gay marriage would do more harm to his state than "Jersey Shore" has.

Breaking news: Boehner Sobs Uncontrollably After Being Forced to Help Poor People

A handful of disreputable Nigerian scam artists are wrecking it for all the honest Nigerians who want to wire money to us.

It's interesting that Republican politicians are more interested in regulating uteruses than penises. Professional courtesy?

Twitter lets you see people as they really are, unfortunately.

Invaded Afghanistan and bin Laden was in Pakistan. Invaded Iraq and WMD are in Iran. US needs better GPS.

Gingrich on leaving the GOP race: "Not unless it gets cancer."

Greece Offers to Repay Bailout with Giant Horse.


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