11 December 2011

Old European Pay-Back

I was having a friendly political discussion with a Belgian friend who lives with his girlfriend near Stuttgart (Germany) when he's not at his vacation home near his mother in Valencia (Spain) or visiting one of his sons in Peru or London, when he said,

"We Old Europeans have since a long time written off the American majority as being incorrigible, mud-kicking, gun-loving, tasteless, religious, better-than-thou hypocrites."

Needless to say, I felt this was a personal affront to good Americans everywhere, and I immediately fired back with a scalding rebuttal to his misinformed characterization.

I told him—in no uncertain terms—that not all Americans kick mud.


So there, you decadent Old European!!!



Bad news.

I've heard back from only a couple people on this mailing list--good Americans, every one--and they apparently wrote back only to tell me something like:

"I'm afraid I have relatives who DO kick mud."

But I'm not going to tell the Old European.

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