29 December 2011

Carney Springs Trail and The Superstition Mountains

On a Christmas trip to Phoenix to see my aunt and mom, I got a chance to take a walk out in the desert. A friend recommended to me the Carney Springs Trail in the Superstition Mountains Wilderness, which I walked on Christmas afternoon. I got a few pictures in the early part of the trip (my camera/phone ran out of juice for the first time ever), which you can see here.

Although I didn't realize it until writing this message and doing an internet lookup, the friend who recommended the trail to me also has a rather more detailed photo journal and description of the trail. The friend is named Art Brown, and he and I have collaborated on a "Greeting Cards of the Superstition Mountains" project. You can see the cards here.

Here is Art's great photo-journal of the trail. He covered much more of it than I did.

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Lee C. said...

Beautiful! Stunning blue skies. I took a look at Art's pictures via your link and I have a question. In both "Monsoon Clouds" and "A Dusting of Snow" there appear to be a cluster of buildings to the left foreground of the mountains. Is there a visitor's center, a town, some settlement there?