26 May 2007

The Plundering Continues

I sent out to a few friends some pictures of desert landscapes and cacti from New Mexico and Utah that my daughter had taken last weekend. One of the friends, a European, sent me back some pictures of the same cacti growing in his backyard in Valencia, Spain.

With great indignation and feelings of violation, I wrote to him:
It's the same old story, you know, the Old World plundering the New for all our good stuff.
To which he callously replied:
Now let's not turn the tables again.

If we hadn't sent you our religious fanatics and troublemakers 300 years ago, you'd still be wearing feather hats, be hunting and fishing all day, and making love all night.

Plus, as even a remotely careful examination of the pictures will show, the specimens we have here are obviously fatter and happier than your spidery offshoots.

In addition, when I look at the pictures you sent, I can't but feel saddened that you haven't apparently been able to put all that land to good use : a few scrawny trees, not a house nor civilized road in sight, a bridge to nowhere...

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